andrea_brite (andrea_brite) wrote in passionmb,

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Hey guys!! :D

Hey guys! Guess what, I'm NOT dead!! YAY.

Yes, Passion MB closed. A little earlier than I had hoped, but in order for me to bring it back, I would have to start all over, and then I would be making 2 boards! So no....

But yes you read right, Toshi and I are currently working on a new board, and I am confident that you will all LOVE it, FOREVER, and ever.... ^_~

The new board was just about finished, when Lypha deleted all the databases, so I had to start all over, so we are delayed by that, but right now, its just about done, sept a few forums, that I am waiting on Toshi for, and I still need to correct the red glowing username issue, but keep checking back!! :D
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